‘Marririning’ means too ‘Renew’ in the Taungurung language.

The new Victorian Metro Tunnel orchestrated by the Victorian State Government has recovered and resourced thousands of items found from the numerous project dig-sites.

These pieces of old glass work were recovered and given to Iluka Sax-Williams to transform into a culturally relevant artistic masterpiece.

Coolamon’s are a traditional component used by Indigenous people all over Australia as an everyday item used to hold food, water, resources and cradle young bubup’s (babies). Many Coolamon’s were shaped by their user from a tree (Scar Trees predominantly) and formed into an oval curved shaped surface that could be held and transported.

Using heating and glasswork technology today, we are able to implement new techniques and convert the pieces into a new purpose and feature.

Indigenous people understand the natural cycles and processes and are able to manage their own wield of techniques to prioritise the continuation of these cycles gaining knowledge and aiding them through life.

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