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Our Ancestors have actively been trading for many millennia. Whether it may be Food, Resources, Tools, or Weapons all have impacted the techniques, skills, and services our people could implement to provide for family and community.

“MAAB” in the Taungurung Language means to Give, Offer or Sell. These 3 items all correspond with its meaning, each having its own significance.

“KULIN MAN MAN” is a Pendant & Necklace crafted carefully with a Ceramic finish. The cross-hatching lines represent Kulin Men & Women whilst the diamond pattern design around this embodies ‘Bunjil the Creator’. Once Sax-Williams completed this piece it was gifted to his partner to carry for protection.

“WIRRIP BUNDI” is a Decorative Bundi Stick/Club designed and offered to his tribe for ceremonial purposes. The staff of the club is wrapped in “WALERT” Possum Skin and displays a burnt pattern design reflecting the mountains where Taungurung people reside.

Finally, “NANBU GOORK” the Ancestral DNA Skateboard depicts the continuous connection to his Ancestors living and moving through his blood. Each line indicates thousands of generations and genes that still exists inside his DNA.

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