Series II
Wan Dharridji Balert Gumak Biik

'I Stand Strong on Kulin Land'

‘Wan dharridji balert gumakkulin biik’ is a photographic series that captures the artist standing withstrength and resistance within a colonial setting. 

His face, streaked with ochre,dignifies his connection to his Ancestors and people, conveying the thousandsof years of connection to the land and waters. 

Draping his body Iluka bears hispossum skin vest, with elegant burnt patterns of his designs and rich red ochrespreading over the possum skins.

 The handcrafted design depicts the greatconnection between land and water. In English, Wan dharridji balert gumak kulinbiik translates to I stand strong on Kulin land, and this series is anhonouring of Kulin defiance in the face of colonisation. 

 His presence in this space an act of distruption. At first glance, one may believe that he, nor the ancestors before him, were ever welcomed in.

 In which structures of wealth, luxury, and privilege were built by the bloodshed and exploitation of Indigenous peoples both past and present. 

These photos were taken by Brazillian photographer Luara Brandao under the creative direction of Iluka.

This work was exhibited in 2022 at Artshouse, Melbourne VIC 3000.

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