'Sky ancestors'

Our Ancestors life and essence flows through our vast land, deep waters and up into the boundless atmosphere.

The high Country and rushing rivers and waters hold our people’s rich history and knowledge, revealing its stories and secrets during each one's journey. 

When you sit quiet and still you can listen to true nature and its infinite Songlines that our ancestors still speak through sweeping up into the winds that run through Country. 

Their essence passes through us every day in the physical and back into the Dreaming, giving us an extended perception of our environment and world around us. 

Look up to the stars and remember that your ancestors are always with you as far as the stars reach shining a beacon to light the path."

'Woora Liwik' was display and exhibited at the 10th Koorie Heritage Trust Art Show in 2022-2023. 

Artist Iluka Sax-Williams received the RMIT Emerging Artist Award for his outstanding work.

Big thank you to everyone involved!

Photo Credit: Joshua San

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